Get closer to your world with the only interactive webcasting technology designed for unlimited audiences

With its very low latency technology, Reflex allows each participant to become an actor in real time, whatever the size of the group.

Reflex Innovations

Numerous interaction features within the same console

React and play live with your audience. Quiz and interact in real time. Reflex now gives you ways to do this with its many polls, moderation, monetization and stakeholder management tools.

An interface that can accommodate several moderators

Whether you are working alone or surrounded by a large team, our interface can be readily shared to allow several moderators to respond at the same time wherever they are located.

A technology that simplifies webcam interactions

Our patented low-latency technology enables you to connect everyone with one click. Regardless of the size of your audience, all of the participants can come on board, and our system gives you the tools to screen them and test the camera along with the sound before they go on stream.

Choose either a private or public webcast

Reflex provides you with private webcasting that can be seamlessly integrated into your webcasting environment. In public mode, our platform can bring in YouTube, Facebook and other broadcasters to allow for even more interactions.

An intuitive web platform that needs no applications

As far as members of your audience are concerned, they do not have to download any applications or migrate to a separate environment to hear you and interact. With one click, you can invite them in. It’s that simple!

On the cutting edge with the latest technological security breakthroughs

We do not collect any sensitive data. You can therefore securely interact with our system that has been designed to protect your and your users’ data. Respect for privacy is a priority for Reflex.

100 % compatible with OBS Studio, Multicam Systems and other video referral systems

Technology that meets your interactivity needs


To converse live with your YouTube subscribers and generate income instantly.


To converse live with your employees, clients or shareholders.


For large-scale webcasting that allows for incorporable interaction.


To create unique and two-way live web events in real time with a very large audience.